The Online Marine Radio Course
The Online Marine Radio Course allows candidates the opportunity of unlimited study online for the Marine Radio Certificate exam regardless of where you live
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IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The Marine Radio Licence course is conducted 100% online with the final exam being conducted using Zoom and takes about 20 minutes. 

To obtain a Marine Radio Licence to obtain an MMSI number or marine qualification such as a Coxswain or Master<24 or higher has never been easier. The pre study, demonstration of competency using a radio (we provide a simulated device FREE for you for this component) and final exam are now conducted 100% online. Please use this link for the Marine Radio Licence Course Enrolment

SkippasMate Marine Training introduced the Online Marine Radio Course in response to many requests from people all around the country for assistance in obtaining their Marine Radio Licence and who wanted to be able to study online before sitting the final written examination.

The online course has proven to be hugely successful and is one of our most popular courses where we are very proud to have assisted 8550+ candidates to quickly and easily obtain their Marine Radio Licence since 2009. At any given time we would have in excess of 250 people around the country, from Karratha WA to Sale VIC, from Albany WA to Thursday Island QLD, enrolled in the Marine Radio Licence course. We can also conduct the marine radio licence process even if you are living overseas.

Some people spend just a few hours studying while others may take a couple of days but if you need to obtain your licence quickly you will find this is the best method. We are also constantly improving how we can assist you better and we have recently introduced (free of charge) our competency simulated device as well as access to the web based activities. All of our training material and resources come with LIFETIME access. There are no time limitations for completion after enrolling. You can complete the course quickly or just take your time.

In addition, to meet the current requirement to demonstrate competency in the operation of a marine radio, we have also developed a marine radio simulated device to assist candidates in acheiving this. Access to our marine radio simulated device is FREE of charge when you enroll in the Marine Radio Licence Course and this means that the preferred LROCP radio licence is now able to be acheived with minimal effort and cost.

To put it simply, if you just follow what we have put in place to obtain your Marine Radio Licence we guarantee you will obtain the licence on the 1st attempt.

The Online Marine Radio Course now allows candidates the opportunity of unlimited study online for the Marine Radio Licewnce exam regardless of where you live in Australia (and also overseas as we have had people in the US, UK, South Africa, Singapore, Uruguay, The Netherlands and Dubai use the process) with the added advantage of phone or email access to our Invigilator. 


IMPORTANT NOTICE: With a few minor exceptions (which relate to strict COVID rules for conducting face to face final exams) all final exams are now conducted 100% online using Zoom, Skype etc and take about 20 minutes. You can still obtain a Marine Radio Licence to obtain an MMSI or if you are obtaining a marine qualification such Coxswain or Master<24 or higher. Therefore effective immediately all marine radio courses including pre study, demonstration of competency (we provide you with a simulated device to complete this part) and final exams are now conducted 100% online.

The steps to follow are:

1. Complete the course enrollment and pay the total course fee of $288.00 (This includes the government charge of $89.00 for exam papers)       

For LROCP enrol here      For SROCP enrol here

2. Successfully complete a number of practice exam questions online similar to the final exam

3. Provide evidence of using a marine radio. (We provide a simulated device to you when the practice questions have been completed)

4. Sit the final exam (takes about 20 mins) via Skype or Zoom

On completion of the exam we will send your paper for marking to the OMC and they will mail your marine radio licence to you.


marine radio course

In short the answer is Yes! A Marine Radio Licence is required if you are operating Marine VHF Radios (known as Short Range - SROCP) and/or MF/HF Radios (known as Long Range - LROCP). The licence has nothing to do with whether the vessel is recreational or commercial, the size of vessel or where the vessel is operated.

If you currently have a Marine VHF and/or MF/HF Radio onboard your vessel and you do not have a Marine Radio Licence you will find that it will be necessary to obtain a licence if you intend to up grade your radio to the popular and much preferred Digital Selective Call (DSC) type of radio. To access the full features of these radio requires the radio to be registered and the issue of a Marine Mobile Service Identity number (MMSI). To obtain an MMSI you need to provide your Marine Radio Licence number.

There are essentially 3 types of Marine Radio Licences:

  1. The Long Range Operators Certificate of Proficiency (LROCP)  is the preferred licence and is for operating both VHF radios (short range radios) and Medium Frequency/High Frequency (MF/HF) Radios (which are designed for long range transmission) and

  2. The Short Range Operators Certificate of Proficiency (SROCP) is required for those who are only carrying and/or operating a Very High Frequency (VHF) (Short Range) radio.

  3. The Australian Waters Qualification (AWQ). This certificate is of a lower grade to those above and therefore we do not recommend it. The cost for all 3 certificates is basically the same however the major limitation is that it is only valid in Australia up to 12 nautical miles to sea. On this basis it is not applicable to any marine qualification such as a Coxswain or Master V certificate. In addition it will not be accepted overseas unlike the SROCP and LROCP which are international certificates. 

The level of knowledge required to pass the exam (70% pass required) includes the following subject area:

There are 2 requirements to complete the final process to obtain either your LROCP or SROCP certificate.

;"> Candidates who pass, will be sent their Marine Radio Certificate of Proficiency which is a photo ID plastic card type certificate. (Note: Our own Invigilator is currently acheiving 100% results for candidates obtaining their Radio Licence on the 1st attempt!!)

In short the answer is Yes. We estimate that to complete the online component will take approximately 4 hours of self study. The online assignments are open book and take between 4 to 10 minutes each to complete.

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