The Online Marine Radio Course
The Online Marine Radio Course allows candidates the opportunity of unlimited study online for the Marine Radio Certificate exam regardless of where you live
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The level of knowledge required to pass the exam (70% pass required) includes the following subject area:

  • Knowledge of MF/HF and VHF marine radios

  • Identify the difference between Ship Stations, Coast Radio Stations and Limited Coast Stations

  • Understand and use the 'Phonetic Alphabet'

  • Use correct operating procedures and channels when operating a marine radio

  • Understand Distress, Urgency and Safety Communications

  • Understand Digital Selective Calling (DSC) Communications

  • Understand the use of 406 MHz EPIRBS

  • Understand the use of SART's

  • Understand Search and Rescue in Australia

  • Identify the different types of radio equipment, their application and limitations

  • Identify the components of a marine radio and the care and maintenance required with radio equipment and power sources

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