The Online Marine Radio Course
The Online Marine Radio Course allows candidates the opportunity of unlimited study online for the Marine Radio Certificate exam regardless of where you live
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;"> Candidates who pass, will be sent their Marine Radio Certificate of Proficiency which is a photo ID plastic card type certificate. (Note: Our own Invigilator is currently acheiving 100% results for candidates obtaining their Radio Licence on the 1st attempt!!)

Candidates who do not pass will be sent their results and a resit will be required. A person can undertake to resit the exam as many times as needed, upon an additional payment each time of the $83.00 exam papers fee and Invigilator reimbursement costs if applicable.

That's why the online course is so popular and beneficial to being able to obtain your marine radio. It provides you with the opportunity of unlimited study and practice with the online exam questions and phone and email access to our Invigiltor with any questions you may have. This ensures you have the best possible opportunity of passing the exam 1st time and avoiding additional costs, and time, for re-sitting. We have heard of situations of people undertaking classroom course of having to re-sit 3 to 4 times.

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